Ketamine Services

Infusion Room 2a
Infusion Room 2a

Ketamine Infusions for Mood Disorders

Most patients begin treatment with a series of six infusions to be scheduled 1-3 times weekly. The exact timing can vary, and we do our best to accommodate your schedule. After the initial series, we generally see patients return for booster infusions on a less frequent basis.

Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain Disorders

Most patients begin treatment with one or two infusions. The duration of infusion and recovery time will vary depending on your exact condition. After the initial treatment, we will form a customized treatment plan depending on your individual results.

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Infusion Room 1
Infusion Room 1

Ketamine vs. Conventional Medication Alone

Most traditional medications for mood disorders require many weeks to months to determine how effective they are for you. They often include a host of unwanted side effects and ultimately provide inadequate relief. Narcotic medications for pain are highly addictive and also include many unwanted long-term side effects. 

Ketamine can provide relief within 1-2 infusions. Any side effects are limited to the time of the actual infusion and are almost always mild. A recent study found no significant side effects when observing patients over a three-month period after an initial ketamine infusion.

Although the decision to initiate ketamine therapy represents a significant investment in time and money, the results generally speak for themselves. When used appropriately 70% of patients find a substantial benefit from the treatment. Additionally, ketamine therapy is designed to be tapered off over time as compared to other medications, which must be used indefinitely.